the mousy girl screams 'violence! violence!'

fujiya & miyagi - in one ear & out the other

the good, the bad & the queen - herculean

been listening to these guys quite a bit in the last few weeks. while they probably owe more to tortoise than can, certainly both great additions to the morning subway commute.

can - mothersky (pilooski edit)


yesterday, liz and i found this fan on the side of the road.

but it was super windy and the exposed blades were spinning at a frightening pace.

then we made muffins. can you guess which one is mine?

it's this one.


the new !!!...!

!!! - heart of hearts



jessicaelle said...

my muffins usually resemble giant chocolate chips, and on occassion have a jello-bottom.

ribble said...

Do not be deceived by chocolate chips. Speedrail's true secret weakness is for almonds.

groovesclash said...

OMG, that looks so YUMMI!!

Anonymous said...

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