nothing is ever lost or can be lost my science friend

we keep letting the neigbor cat from upstairs into the apartment:

but she scares us:

her name is "halloween".


the vaselines - monsterpussy

david bowie - cat people



Buffer Low said...

Of course you know the main reason "Halloween" wants to enter your abode is to obtain more territory (and maybe a free meal)? Territory is everything to a cat, but they are never satisfied, they always want more and more. My cat is obsessed with the territory she controls and attacks all cats that invade it.

Max said...

Big Electric Cat - Adrian Belew's Lone Rhino 1982.

Dittman said...

buffer - are you sure your cats not a rapper? ;)

fabio said...

I love cats! And that's red! Ha ha.. VIEZZZOOOOOO!!!!

Me got 4 cats... all woamn! (the fulton remix, tho... ha ha ha)


The Captain said...

that picture of your cat meowing or whatever with it's mouth open is seriously hilarious.

your girl got dicked by ricky powell