broke on atlantic avenue tryin to cop the bootleg

been listening to the new gui boratto a lot recently - more of a subway album than a kicking it with friends album. although, somewhat paradoxically, i'm not sure that i would call this a headphone album. less expansive yet somehow less cohesive than, say, a kompakt total comp, gui boratto explodes the boundaries of minimal / schaffel into the realm of pop. satisfying and digestible.

gui boratto - mr decay


schmidt sting pain index. oddly fascinating.

black flag - life of pain


ashley's back! fresh off of a tragic laotian romance (um, for reals...) she made it back to brooklyn in time for a fun easter dinner.

and she brought me an elephant from india!

beirut - scenic world


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Anonymous said...

The Gui Boratto & Black Flag songs sound like they are incomplete. They just cut off like th...

your girl got dicked by ricky powell