mermaid avenue

got more sun this weekend than in the past few months combined.

mermaid parade.

i accidentally tried to order a "strawberrita" (force of habit) at the tiki hut on the boardwalk, and the girl working there sassed me. so i plunked down my $30 and grabbed two pina coladas.

then we went back and i attempted to give myself a bootleg bernard sumner do.

turned out ok.

nick cave and the bad seeds - black hair


then we got a crew together and headed to savalas.

only when molly and ashley are dancing do they feel this free.

watch out for won.

thank god.


nine inch nails - head like a hole (passions splatterhouse mix)



Anonymous said...

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Satisfied '75 said...

looks like a party

will said...

haha, nice. strawberritas are delicious and taste like candy.

JM said...

Those are my clippers, butch.

your girl got dicked by ricky powell