it took a long time

snag annie 's"happy without you" (riton vocal mix) here.

now i feel like a sucker for preordering one of the "20 limited edition promo 12"" copies of the new "happy" singlefrom 679. (at least i picked up dfa 1979's "black history month" single at the same time)
(photo from annie's limp but endearing first nyc show at the tribeca grand a few months ago, via brooklynvegan. after refelecting on it, i think part of the reason why i didn't enjoy the show so much was that i was stuck behind a wall for most of it in the grand's weirdo upstairs space...)

i've been a big riton fan for a while now, the work he did for mylo on "drop the pressure" and "destroy rock and roll" is just filthy filthy.

by the by, anyone else think mylo's latest single "in my arms" is kinda weak? doesn't really have the smack-in-the-mouth qualities of some of his other songs.

speaking of northern europeans

kings of convenience - "i don't know what i can save you from" (royksopp mix)

on an unrelated note

celebrity sightings in my beloved bushwick are few and far between (save for the surreal morning last fall when i ran into the lead singer from tv on the radio on graham ave, but right when i was about to say something a fire hydrant opened up next to me and left me soaked...)

so you can imagine my delight when i spotted this guy riding his bike through the supermarket across the street from my apartment:

fancy! the producer/co-writer in bad babbysitter rap group fannypack. while not everyone would be excited about spying the self-proclaimed "gayest straight man in rap music", i think he's pretty awesome. not only do i like the fannypack silly ass tunes, but i remember drunkenly going up to him one night at the delancey a long time ago. i was all "hey...hey, aren't you down with fannypack or something?" and he's all "nice to meet you, i'm fancy." pure class.

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