you talk in hyperbolics

on saturday, skateboarding barefoot (although with a headband) on the roof at 3 am whilst clutching a handle of rum almost killed me. it didn't help that some jackass friend of mine kept yelling that i did not, contrary to whatever i thought at the time, look like stacey peralta:

now, work is kind of killing me.


download out hud's "how long", it's a great spastic summer track. (via funtime ok)


100% Boricua said...

Yo son, I hope you're not referring to me as the jackass friend. If anything, I was the one yelling that you DID look like Stacey Peralta. You best be getting your facts straight. Bushhhwiiiicckkk!!

Brooklyn Rich said...

Why has the world forgotten Peggy Oki?

your girl got dicked by ricky powell