everything merges with the night

been reading brett easton ellis' latest, lunar park. not sure how much it really brings to the table in terms of the social/cultural commentary found in earlier works, but it's an interesting enough look into the mind of a writer who is at the edge of his tether. plus it's got a great creepy furby-type character.

here's a good song to start off a saturday:

brian eno - sky saw

disconotdisco faves radioclit and erol alkan both have podcasts available now, check em out and let me know what you think.

exciting mylo news - seems he's gearing up for a US re-release of his ridiculous full length destroy rock and roll. check out the slick ecard here. also, mylo's apparently doing a live set at avalon (read: limelight) in nyc in february. don't sleep on it.

and if anyone is still looking for a pair of kicks to buy me, i like these:
(photo from vintagekicks.com)

thanks to my old kentucky blog and funtime ok for the links!

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Michael said...

I am psyched about the Mylo getting a US release - with extra tracks!

My daughters gave me a Furby for Xmas. I was a bit negative towards it and it developed a bad attitude and wouldn't do anything I asked it. It's a very interesting toy...

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