who the hell is this? emailing me at 11:26

been a long week at work, trying to close two new big projects and had a photoshoot yesterday. but i swear on my copy of purple haze that i'm gonna get back on the blogging wagon.

real quick, i've always been a fan of ratatat, and god knows that "17 years" still gets dropped on a fairly regular basis. so how is it that i slept on this mix of kanye's "get em high"? boys just knows how to lock into a groove, crazy shit

ratatat - get em high (kanye west)

and in case you don't have it yet:

ratatat - 17 years

don't say i never did nothing for ya

on a more timely note, seems like a lot of people are talking about whether morningwood or we are scientists will blow up first. and while i haven't checked any sales results for either album, coolfer has a funny blog-mention comparison of the two here. i like scientists much better, but morningwood is pretty fucking catchy. probably able to catch a nice teen and/or tween market.

morningwood - jetsetter

big shout out to silence is a rhythm too, who just linked me. i feel like a jackass that i forgot to link him so far as i've certainly snagged a bunch of sick mp3s from the blog in the past...check it out

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