breaking glass in your room again

in a fit of work-related self-pity, i picked up a copy of the new criterion edition of the man who fell to earth (nicolas roeg, 1976) the other day. fuck is this movie great. the new digital transfer really adds an extra element to roeg's usual landscape-driven narratives, as well as giving extra punch to the almost ridiculously orange/pink hair that bowie sports in the film. sadly, the extra features don't venture far beyond the usual "it was so amazing to work on this project!" cast interviews. the only notable exception being audio commentary from costume designer may routh.

speaking of david bowie, here's a gem from sifl & olly creater and man-about-town liam lynch:

liam lynch - fake bowie song (eclipse me)

and, for kicks

liam lynch - united states of whatever

while i do really appreciate the man who fell to earth, it still doesn't hold a candle to roeg's debut performance (1970) in my opinion. anyone know where i can get a dvd copy of this one? i had a vhs copy a while back, but i think it got left in some dorm room in new hampshire a few years ago...until i manage to rustle up the dvd, i'll just have to be content with the soundtrack:

mick jagger & ry cooder - memo from turner

(photo: guy bourdin)


daver from chicago said...

Thanks for posting that Mick Jagger song. I've always loved it. Perhaps the only truly great Jagger solo track.

Brooklyn Rich said...

For years, I have been trying to get girls who I feel have "graduated" from The Labyrinth to watch The Man Who Fell to Earth and thereby blossom to full maturity. Never have I had the support of a blog followed by the razor-thin cutting edge of the foot soldiers of America's hipster revolution, and Speedrail's mom.


Brooklyn Rich said...

Also, Sifl and Olly are pretty neat.

The 1-2-3-4 said...

I too would love to get a copy of Performance on DVD but sadly it has never been released. It pains me that you can get crap movies like Blood Freak in pristine digital form, but not a great flick like Performance. Criterion definitely oughta step up to the plate on this one. And Fantoma should put out the Kenneth Anger collection they've been talking about for five years!

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