feelgood by numbers

UPDATE: the release date for the new grand national lp has been pushed back in the states, the album is now set to drop on march 14. i got my grubby hands on an advance copy a couple of days ago, and i can say it's definitely worth the wait. very excited about this record.

grand national - drink to moving on

i was reading something a couple days ago and lawrence "la" rudd from grand national describes "drink to moving on" as "a cross between New Order's 'Regret' and The Flaming Lips' 'Race For The Prize'". not a bad comparison - decide for yourself:

new order - regret (fire island mix)

the flaming lips - race for the prize

on an unrelated note, i was worried that i had burned myself out on this song by playing it all of last summer, but, no, it's still dope:

mylo - destroy rock and roll


alex said...

can't believe the grand national album is only coming out now in the US - it was my favorite album of 2004! seriously though - it flew well under the radar and was very underrated... an absolutely beautiful LP. hope it does well over your side of the atlantic.

Brooklyn Rich said...

I was waiting for another cat-related story to post a link to the cover of the latest We Are Scientists album, With Love and Squalor. I didn't have to wait long.


This is the closest to a music-related comment you will ever get out of me. Laugh it up, hipsters.

princepurple said...

ai yai yai. that mylo song contains the same sample as a 20-year-old negativland song. negativland's was more dangerous.

your girl got dicked by ricky powell