sex and dying in high society

lots of great action this weekend:

friday - night time at don hill's with optimo, justine d, and dave p

saturday - me me me me

sunday - motherfucker with live performance by the new york dolls (!)

as such,

new york dolls - puss 'n boots

new york dolls - babylon

and while we're on a glam kick:

t. rex - 20th century boy (hoxton whores 2005 white label mix)

finally, here's the mp3 for disco-not-disco's early pick for song of the year:

mstrkrft - easy love


Tal said...

that video clip is just sexy and hilarious. and the mstrkrft boys are massive.

skin2skin said...

Yeah, Easy Love is a pretty cool song, and it's in my 2006 top ten list.

My fave of the year so far is the X-Press 2 remix of the Ying Yang Twins song called "Shake".

sucka pants said...

Yo dick, nice job stealing my image and not giving any credit. if you like it and wanna use it, the LEAST you can do is ask. . . much less give a link/credit when you do.

Anonymous said...

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