who are the mystery girls?

late night dj'ing yesterday. i woke up at 6:30 pm today, don't think i've slept that late since sophomore year at college...i'm trying to remember a rough setlist of what i dropped at the show, but i think it's gonna be an exercise in futility. thank you sparks (!).

but here's a song that absolutely killed last night:

the temptations - papa was a rolling stone (cosmo baker applause remix)

and one song that was a total failure (even though it's an awesome track!):

cansei de ser sexy - let's make love and listen to death from above

speaking of cosmo baker, the new lemon-red mix is up for february - and there are three killer mixes from the guys behind dj/remix/production powerhouse the rub.

lots of blogosphere (did i just use that word? smack me in the mouth..) action surrounding the new yeah yeah yeahs single "gold lion" - especially over whether or not the diplo remix does justice to the original. i think part of the problem is that most people - including me until very recently - were listening to a low-quality mp3 taken from the middle of diplo's set from the guggenheim. take a listen to this version of the remix which has been pitch corrected, and grab the original version as well.

yeah yeah yeahs - gold lion (corrected diplo mix)

yeah yeah yeahs - gold lion

and peep the video here

lastly, did you really think i'd hold out on y'all?

prince - black sweat


Joe John said...

GREAT selections man...I am totally all about the new Prince song but it failed at a dance party recently. I'm surprised people didn't dig Cansei de Ser Sexy. Next time you should play "J. Lo" by them...it's short enough that it's failure wouldn't be a big problem and it's high energy enough that it shouldn't fail.
-Joe John

Anonymous said...

blogosphere.... awesome..... you love that you're a part of it. here is the SMACK coming your way from 800 miles due west.


Tal said...

so now you've accomplished being the last blog (hopefully) that posted the YYY song... :-) congrats :)

i don't know who the mystery girls are, but i've got a better question - who are the mystery jets?

Anonymous said...

I think im qualified enough to comment on the diplo remix being a big fan of both artists, love the original, think the remix is smelly poo poo, worryingly like most of diplo's productions, I think he's a fine ambassador of the baile funk sound but as a producer he's not first rate.

Anonymous said...

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