ain't no sunshine

i've been listening to a lot of reggae at work recently, which i think has put me in a good mood for the upcoming rainy weekend in brooklyn (abandoned by the L train again...well played mta...well played....)

horace andy - love of a woman

if you, like me, are kicking around williamsburg tomorrow night, make sure to check out the end times party at savalas - nick catchdubs and caps & jones will be spinning at what will most likely be a silly time.

jay-z - encore (catchdubs remix)

is it just me, or does the end bit of this remix have the beat from "sunshowers"? decide for yourself:

m.i.a. - sunshowers

ok, so why didn't i get the memo that nelly furtado has suddenly become amazing? i've been haunted for days by one track in the middle of the emynd & bo bliz lemon-red mix...turns out it's the new nelly fucking furtado single:

nelly furtado feat. timbaland - promiscuous girl

i think the only thing that has blown my mind this bad recently is this.


supergurg said...

that Nelly track has been lurking about the place for a while now, but it certainly is awesome 'eh!

DJ Paul V. said...

This is HOT HOT HOT! Thanks for posting it up....could be Nelly's return to hugeness.

Joe said...

I swear 'Sunflowers' would mix really well with LCD's 'Thrills' too.

ben said...

um... i downloaded it, and it's 0:02 seconds long.

Anonymous said...

Exactly.. but whan an amazing two seconds.

Anonymous said...

wow......datz all im gnna say.

your girl got dicked by ricky powell