the girl on the train used the same hairspray

(billy sullivan)

just got back from the whitney biennial opening - i don't know why, but i didn't have super high expectations for the show. luckily, it was much much stronger than i expected. lots of highlights, but probably my favorites were the billy sullivan, kenneth anger, richard serra, and francesco vezzoli pieces. a few hipster celeb sighting as well:

lee ronaldo
sonic youth - eric's trip


melissa burns
w.i.t. - it kills

were both in attendance.

i really don't know what to make of the streets. i, like everyone else, loved original pirate material, and i even liked some of a grand don't come for free, but i'm just not sure that's he's progressing as much as some other people in the u.k. hip-hop/grime game are. doesn't help that the show i saw in boston a few years ago ranks among the most mediocre i've caught. check out a track from the forthcoming the hardest way to make a living:

the streets - when you wasn't famous

and one more grime track that i like a whole bunch:

kano - p's and q's

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christine said...

aaaaah I flippin' lov-v-v-v-v-e kano! Way to get down with some grime!

your girl got dicked by ricky powell