gotta get down

got a great reminder from dj paul v. that i haven't mentioned the infadels yet, a worthy addition to the crop of british electro rockers. while i've heard some of their stuff out, the only track i have in my library is from an old tank magazine comp cd. it sounds like them. i think it's them. but if it's not the same band, somebody gets to smack me in the mouth:

the infadels - waiting for the sky to shine on me

speaking of electro rockers, let's take it back a couple years:

adult. - minors at night (still sick)

good show going down tonight at don hill's, with the always pleasant a.r.e. weapons gettin all sleazy. doors at 7.

a.r.e. weapons - walking blues (thomas troelsen mix)

and since my mp3s are in such a filthy mood today, a classic:

the faint - worked up so sexual



DJ Paul V. said...

Wow - I'm honored to be mentioned here. Diggin' this Infadels track (yup, it's them)...I'm still gonna beg you to find and post "Cubicle" - the Rinocerose track feat. Bnann of Indadels on vocals. No smack in the mouth needed tho... ;)

DJ Paul V. said...

Well whaddya know: The new iPod commercial (where all the CD covers swirl around) is using "Cubicle" in it. Am I obsessed?

your girl got dicked by ricky powell