leader of the pack

it's contest time! for the first in what will hopefully be a regular series of contests here on disco-not-disco, i've got an exclusive mylo 12" to give away to one reader. it's a single for the inimitable "doctor pressure", and is an absolute must-have piece of dancefloor nastiness. all you have to do to snag the prize is send me an email (disconotdisco@gmail.com) with your name, address, and a couple of suggestions of bands that i should look into. alternatively, feel free to reply with a couple of suggestions of bands that i should stop talking about on the site...let 'er rip. i'll be taking submissions for the next two weeks - get on it!

in the meantime:

mylo - muscle car reform reprise


it was ridiculously nice out yesterday, so liz and i went for a stroll through greenpoint (or, if you must be precise, it was something of a walkabout), and what should we happen upon but sonic youth doing a photoshoot down in the middle of a bunch of warehouses. the whole gang was there - including thurston and kim's kids! we felt like we had stepped into a marc jacobs ad

sonic youth - my friend goo

sonic youth - teen age riot

unfortunately it's now a grey, semi-miserable day, so i need some of this to get me going:

muddy waters - got my mojo working

and maybe a little of this:

munk - disco clown (digitalism mix)


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