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the mylo contest is over...and the winner is...ned "dj thunderpants" from idaho! thanks to everyone who entered, i got a lot of great suggestions for music to check out, and i wish i had more shit to give away. anyways, remember to keep sending me submissions for the guess-how-tall-lady -sovereign-is contest. disconotdisco@gmail.com


ok, now that we've dispensed with the contest pleasantries, it's time for a disco-not-disco confessional: i am completely, utterly, addicted to crossing jordan. people don't take me seriously when i demand to be in front of a tv watching nbc on sunday nights, but i fucking love this show. from the sexy, sassy medical examiners to the frazzled-but-sincere cops, i'm just plain smitten. there, i said it.

since i've come clean, did anyone else notice that at the beginning of last sunday's show jordan was listening to m.i.a. on her ipod? while i don't even think they let the vocal drop, it was definitely the beat to "pull up the people"...rad.

and now for some "medical" mp3s:

low - medicine magazines

gogogo airheart - when the flesh hits

pulp - death goes to the disco

and while i'm disclosing guilty pleasures:

kylie minogue - come into my world (fischerspooner mix)


Nic said...

Nicked the Pulp track. Excellent choice.

Anonymous said...

i actually have the crossing jordan soundtrack where the lead actress actully sings a couple songs.

ribble said...

My mom loves Bones.

p.s. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

-ribble aka Brooklyn Rich

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