pleasure from the bass

finally got around to seeing storytelling (solondz, 2001) the other day. even though i swore that i would never see another solondz film after happiness, i had heard the belle & sebastian soundtrack for storytelling and loved it. bottom line - the soundtrack was the best part. although the film does make me wonder, will leo fitzpatrick become the character actor of our generation? i kinda hope so.

belle & sebastian - fiction

also check out npr for a downloadable recording of the recent belle & sebastian show at the 9:30 club in dc. i managed to catch b&s in dc a few years ago, although it was something of a disaster as my friend and i got drunk, missed the opening band (fucking sleater-kinney!!) and then got "shush!"ed for requesting "judy and her dream of horses" in a loud voice repeatedly. hmm.

belle & sebastian - judy and her dream of horses

and my favorite:

belle & sebastian - get me away from here, i'm dying

speaking of soundtracks, i always forget how much i love this song until i watch basquiat (schnabel, 1996) again:

the toadies - i'm not in love

be sure to check back this weekend for info on the first ever, extra special, disco-not-disco contest (!)

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