i gotta stay fly

as anyone who has met me can attest, i am not goth by a long shot. but my friend nate is, so last night he, vicki, and amanda convinced me to go to a goth night at a club near penn station...needless to say much silliness ensued. i'm just glad i was able to stake out a prime seat next to the fog machine.

gary numan - are 'friends' electric?

nine inch nails - the hand that feeds (dfa mix)
(nb: why isn't any dj besides tim sweeney playing this out?)

after crashing at the studio we all went to brunch early this afternoon. while waiting for a table i was eyeing this girl's sunglasses and then realized that she was dining with the cobrasnake. of course we sat next to them.

the fitness - gianni v

tom waits - tom traubert's blues


ribble said...

Did you have brunch with the Cobrasnake like you made out with Hillary Duff?

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hot doorknobs said...

JDH plays this out! FIXED, baby!! www.myspace.com/fixednyc

your girl got dicked by ricky powell