shape of things to come

got a free copy of the ultra electro comp yesterday, and while most of the songs have been floating around for a while, good selection of a bunch of them in one place. my only real objection is the version of "warning siren" that is included, not sure if it holds a candle to the original:

tiefschwarz - warning siren (buick project remix)

tiefschwarz - warning siren (original)

watched 9 songs (winterbottom, 2004) last night for the first time, found it very interesting. basically a study in cinematic authenticity, the film attempts to portray sex/love and music in an honest manner. at certain points (such as the semi-tangental pieces about antarctica) 9 songs felt like a watered down version of the criminally underrated loss of sexual innocence (figgis, 1999) but the live concert footage was amazing. particularly nice to see primal scream throw down "movin on up"

primal scream - movin' on up

and for good measure

primal scream - shoot speed/kill light

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