i have forgiven jesus

morrissey's sincerity, while sometimes bordering on the absurd, is still kind of amazing after all of these years. picked up my copy of ringleader of the tormentors today, and upon listening to it i feel the same way i did when i first heard you are the quarry - the boy has still got it. and he certainly proves the point that all male singers should be required to start wearing suits upon reaching a certain age.

morrissey - dear god, please help me

morrissey - the youngest was the most loved

from you are the quarry:

morrissey - let me kiss you

i'll take any chance i can to post this guy:

the smiths - death of a disco dancer

and the only smiths cover i have ever heard that comes close to topping the original:

schneider tm - the light 3000

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beatmaster23 said...

i want to hear the light 3000, please! can you repost it?



your girl got dicked by ricky powell