keep those windmills breezy

i got around to watching the new a-trak dvd last night, and while there's some dope battle and tour footage, the most surprising part for me was learning that a-trak is dave 1 from chromeo's little brother. at the beginning of the dvd theres a whole bunch of home videos of dave and chromeo pal p-thugg taking a young a-trak to competitions and shows in montreal...times like these that i wish i had a brother...

chromeo - you're so gangsta

chromeo - ah oui comme ca

pitchfork gave a really nice review to the new eagles of death metal record, death by sexy, today. i am definitely going to have to pick up the record stat. here's something from their first lp, peace love death metal:

eagles of death metal - stacks o' money

how about some sunny tuesday morning music? sure:

the long blondes - giddy stratospheres

the chi-lites - are you my woman (tell me so)


Anonymous said...

...nice Gerhard Richter.....
-a fellow painter

miKi said...

this playgroup-remix of "you're so gangsta" is great too!

ribble said...

Chromeo is one of the few bands I feel are geeky enough for me to relate to.

your girl got dicked by ricky powell