part two, are you ready

good weekend of staying out late and sleeping in even later. got a chance to catch up on listening to new music, though most of it has been new tracks from old standbys

in the remix game, i really think that adrock has been shafted. working under the "smallstars" moniker, he's put out some bangers. my favorite was the remix of the juan maclean's "by the time i get to venus". unfortunately, the 12" that i have has gotten warped to shit...regardless, there's a new smallstars remix on lady sov's vertically challenged ep. check it out:

lady sovereign - a litte bit of shhh (smallstars mix)

erol alkan remixing hot chip? match made in heaven? hell yeah:

hot chip - boy from school (erol alkan extended rework)

and, for good measure:

death from above 1979 - romantic rights (erol alkan re-edit)

got the heads up from hint today about a new guy bourdin book that's coming out through steidl in the next couple of months. looks pretty interesting

speaking of pretty interesting, my first impression of the new dj shadow tracks is positive, but i'm not crazy about it yet:

dj shadow (feat. keak da sneak and turf talk) - freaks

anyone else notice that spoon's "i turn my camera on" is featured in the new (very sexy) jaguar tv campaign? just wish they had used this mix:

spoon - i turn my camera on (john mcentire mix)

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