we stole your beat

can't get this gnarls barkley track out of my head, it's slowly creeping up the play count ladder of my itunes at work...and i don't even like danger mouse that much...

gnarls barkley - crazy

i was poking around the newly revamped website for avenue d, the queens of filthy electro goodness, and it turns out one of them just got married! i guess that's good for her...

avenue d - my dirty south

and a weekend wouldn't be complete without some space disco thrown in the mix:

lindstrom and prins thomas - plukk og pirk


badtraffic said...

they actually play that gnarles barkley song at the department store i work at. stoked on that

cagliostro_fireclown said...

Been playing that "Crazy" song for nearly a month already...

I also have their version of the Violent Femmes hit "Gone Daddy Gone"

No kidding

Hayley said...

sharing the Gnarls love! It's so overplayed yet each time i'm drivin abt and it hits the airwaves the volume gets cranked up. So glad he topped the charts i was getting 'so sick' of Ne-Yo!

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