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sorry for the lack of posts recently, been crazy busy at work and had the folks in town this weekend. luckily, i had time to pick up killa season yesterday. i've only had time to listen to it a few times, but even though it doesn't jump off like purple haze did there are still plenty of bangers on this one. i bought the record off of itunes and it was priced at $9.90 - wonder what coolfer will have to say about this digital pricing move...

cam'ron - white girls
(i know this has been floating around the internet for a while, but the beat is crazy)

cam'ron feat. hell rell - he tried to play me

check out this article on sohh.com about cam's most ridiculous outfits



my admiration for peter saville's work is pretty well documented, so is it any wonder that i've been salivating over these kicks for the past week or so? seriously, someone please buy me these shoes. thanks.

if you're around brooklyn on thursday don't sleep on this one - party at the old domino sugar factory featuring larry tee, the rock steady crew, the turntables on the hudson guys, and dub trio. sure, it's sponsored by red bull, but it's gonna be massive. (event info from flavorpill)

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Anonymous said...

HA, Cam'ron be trying to hide in brightly colored jackets.

your girl got dicked by ricky powell