here comes the fear

quitting smoking, day two recap: first totally smoke free 24 hours, hardest 24 hours in recent memory. i really felt like walking death all day long. i got up this morning and thought that cleaning the dishes would make me feel better, and it did, until i reached down to unclog the drain and found a disgusting moldy lump of peanut shells, fried garlic, and penne.

"what kind of sandwich did you get for lunch?"

"peanut butter, eggs, and dice."

for most of the day i shuffled around my apartment and watched my nicorette gum melt from the air conditioning-less heat of my apartment. i know it's for the best, but it was a really really really shitty day.

air - how does it make you feel?

morrissey - how can anyone possibly know how i feel?

devo - through being cool

they say that quitting only gets easier. it better fucking get easier soon...!


stacy said...

do you have Air track 5 on walkie talkie... I love that song and cant find the record where I live. Perhaps you have it and could post it ? ??

Speedrail said...

hey hey

yeah, i can probably hook you up with that track - shoot me an email at disconotdisco@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

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