you don't need a weather man

quitting smoking, day three: the one weird side effect of not smoking that i didn't anticipate was the dreams. i have a really hard time falling asleep - and usually i'm one of those people who starts snoring before my head hits the pillow - but then once i'm out i have a string of crazy livid dreams. last night there was some long saga involving me moving into a dorm at school, three feet of snow, and a precious JFK lithograph. oh, and at one point i was at a carnival on the high line where dj's were competing to see who could play music that would make dogs throw up. yikes.

tv on the radio - dreams

belle and sebastian - dirty dream number 2

talib kweli and hi tek - africa dream

primal scream - keep your dreams


Formerly of the 'Wick said...

i recently employed the "drink alot more liquor alot faster and forget that you want a cigarette" plan. i woke up the next morning on the floor, lying next to a pile of my own vomit, feeling like death but satisfied that i didn't touch a smoke. then i looked over and saw that my entire pack was empty. quitting's a bitch.

ribble said...

This reminds me of that time you played music for your roommate's dog and he hated Dungen.

DJ Paul V. said...

Hey - are you doing the Nicorette in conjunction with Wellbutrin? I tried that combo last year. I quit for 9 months (started again, but that's a different topic).

Anyway - if so - it's the Wellbutrin causing the weird dream stuff. Happened to me too, man.

Good luck tho - keep at it!!!

Anonymous said...

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