like some enormous music

quitting smoking day one recap: went pretty well. felt like shit for most of the day, but only ended up smoking half a cigarette a couple hours ago. figure a decline of 19 and a half is pretty good. and i only snapped at a couple people on the phone when they called to see how i was doing.

the coup - last blunt

whitey - leave them all behind

i was wicked antsy and on edge all day, so i think i need to plan out some activities for tomorrow to take my mind off of things.

to do:

- throw out old pizza boxes
- clean up the living room and rearrange if i'm feeling ambitious
- buy pants
- get plants for the fire escape
- return netflix dvds
- start ripping old vinyl to mp3s
- check out new era store
- watch mishima again

phillip glass - osamu's theme


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