oh no, you've got it all wrong

quitting smoking, day one: this fucking sucks. i've only been awake for about four hours now, but didn't realize how weird it would be to skip my morning routine of coffee and cigarettes. and this nicorette gum tastes like death. i made the mistake last night of going to the smokiest bar in the city to celebrate my last day with cigarettes (basement of lit), but now all my clothes reek of delicious stale smoke. but at least i haven't smoked yet today.

siouxsie and the banshees - nicotine stain

rjd2 - smoke and mirrors

annie - chewing gum (headman vocal mix)


Galen said...

whoaa... concidence.
I also just started trying to quit. I love that RJD2 track.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

When I quit killing myself to live with the corporate crack tobacco I focused on using the pile of money I saved on fun shit. In a couple of weeks you will be much better. Fuck the CCT!

natasha said...

kudos on quitting! i smoked for two years before i quit, it was insanely hard at first but it gets better (although sometimes i feel like my hand is missing something).

GSB said...

You can do it dude, it's so worth it. I smoked for 11 years and quit two years ago... It gets easier and easier. Stick with it!

Tom GBH said...

couldn't get the Annie link to work...

Good luck quitting. I read a book called "The Easyway To Stop Smoking" by Allen Carr and it really helped me.
Stick with it - it gets much much easier. I feel sorry for smokers now.

Anonymous said...

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