please please please in america

going to see lee "scratch" perry with some folks on thursday night at bb kings. kind of a last minute decision to go - anyone seen him live before?

lee scratch perry - space dub

i had an interesting encounter with another musical luminary yesterday. as i was smoking a cigarette outside of work, david byrne came out of the building, unlocked his bike, and rode off towards 9th ave. i restrained myself from gushing, and instead gave him a neighborly nod as he walked by. wonder what he was doing in the building? i have my suspicions...

talking heads - born under punches

speaking of work, check out the video for pearl jam's "world wide suicide" here. we did a little bit of effects at the very end of the video (read: when the ball turns into a globe)

been running through some albums i haven't listened to in a while, and here are a couple of gems that i've been sleeping on recently:

clinic - walking with thee

big audio dynamite - james brown


illnoise said...

I saw Scratch Perry about 1998 or so. I am a huge 60s/70s ska fan, and I like early reggae and dub, but with all due respect, the dude is 100% crazy and while the show was thoroughly entertaining, it wasn't so much *musically* entertaining, more like watching a very entertaining homeless guy freak out, but you paid him $9 in advance so you don't have to worry about being hassled for change. Basically bowel-rumbling bass tracks and a crazy dude ranting about aliens into a mic run through a couple dozen vocal effects. Don't miss it.

I've seen a lot of the old reggae/ska dudes, and I'd rate him below Laurel Aitken (awesome) but above Toots and the Maytals (woulda been awesome except Toots' nephew ruined it with his Steve-Vai guitar noodlery), Laurel Aitken

Mr. Stalin said...

I watched about 20 minutes of the Lee Perry show on Monday and i had to walk out. (Luckily, i got in for free). He was backed by a quite wretched white ska band. Seriously, i couldn't have been more disappointed. I *wish* his mic had a couple dozen vocal effects, that would have made it was more interesting!

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