i'm in distribution, i'm like def jam

i don't know if i'd call this the song of the summer, but it certainly has some kick to it:

rick ross feat. jay-z and young jeezy - hustlin (remix)

i'm starting to think that this might be my song of the summer:

linda lamb - twins

i can still clearly remember laying on the roof of my aunt's building across the street from the chelsea hotel during the blackout. i only had one aa battery to last me for three days, and i used it to power my old discman so i could listen to "hot room" over and over and over.

linda lamb - hot room

thanks to illnoise and "mr stalin" for letting me know about lee scratch perry's live show...i'll probably still check it out anyways, but good not to get expectations up too high!

toots and the maytals - funky kingston


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