blood on all the shoes you've worn

when the only reason i got out of bed on saturday was because i had to go to another party i should've known it would end up being one of those weekends. the kind where you spend the majority of it in a drunken haze, possibly (read: probably) embarassing yourself and those close to you in a variety of public places. at one point i gave a b-list celebrity a high five after asking him if he smoked weed (although it is important to note that i wasn't offering him any nor was i asking for some). i'm not entirely sure, but i think that at one point i poured beer on a friend and yelled "let's get this shit started!" and i think they poured beer right back on me while scowling.

irrrrregardless, i quit smoking, so i think i'm allowed some leeway for a while.


and nothing i did this weekend looks like it would hold a candle to the release party for justice's waters of nazareth ep. check out the video featuring justice, erol alkan, mr. oizo, uffie, and dj funk

justice - waters of nazareth

scenario rock - skitzo dancer (justice remix)

uffie - pop the glock (curtis vodka remix)

headman - moisture (mustapha3000 remix)

(and yes, "mustapha3000" is erol alkan)


∙fj♥∙ said...

i'm soo fukin hooked on the waters of nazareth ep, i cant stop playing it. i didnt liek them before but then after eharing the britney remix and daft punk i changed my mind.

i just wrote a review about "Waters of nazareth" few hours ago on my blog lol !!

feel free to check it if u want:

ribble said...

At one point Saturday night you jumped on me and refused to let go. You were attached to the front of me with your legs locked together behind my back like one of those baby slings. I had to carry you around while I introduced myself to all the people with you who I didn't know.

I found your body surprisingly supple.

Flamin Hotz Records said...

If you like that Curtis Vodka remix he has an Ep coming out this month on Flamin Hotz Records.

Flamin Hotz Records said...

Sorry thats


Test Department said...

the day justice comes to america is the day i die happy.

jj said...

Please don't use irregardless. It's not a real word.

Speedrail said...

i know "irregardless" isn't a real word, but i still likes it anyways.

-V- said...

.... Do you have these songs:

- Mr Oizo - Halfanedit
- Revl9n - Walking Machine (Sebastian remix)

??? ...you really enjoy me , if you post these songs....

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

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