burlesque attitude

quitting smoking, day six: think i've definitely turned a corner. don't feel as terrible as i did the first few days, and while i want a cigarette like nothing else, i'm pretty confident that i can make it. (!)


happy birthday to amanda!

chicks on speed - glamour girl

in other friends of disco-not-disco news, local boy made good destrosound will be throwing down at sin-e on monday at 9. swing by if you're around to check out his goldie-meets-tv on the radio stylings.


what the fuck was going on with youtube last night? i was trying to look at something at around 1 am last night and this is what greeted me. quirky error message? lame hack?


in a surprisingly not surprising turn of events, this has become my new favorite video and simon rex has become my new favorite musical artist. while i don't have any evidence as of yet, i'm pretty sure calvin must have had something to do with this whole thing.

beck - truckdrivin' neighbors downstairs

fischerspooner - l.a. song

gold chains - no. 1 face in hip hop



ribble said...

TV Squad explains the YouTube thing here.

Calvin said...

I'm happy to hear that I've some type of Simon Rex effect on you or as scientists are now calling it, "Rex in effect." The funny thing is, I've been a closet fan of his for a few years now which is probably the doing of my old roommates who grew up with S.R. in the same town. Every time they saw him on t.v., all of them would simultaneously yell out "Simon Rex is my daddy!" And it would never be just one guy who would yell it out - it was always 4 guys at the same time. Synchronized.

I've been trying to form a musical supergroup with Simon. We had proposed a trio called CalvinSimonTheodore but it never quite worked out. We found one guy named Ted but he refused to go by Theodore which fucked everything up because we couldn't go by CalvinSimonTed. That just sounds plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

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