outside chance

quitting smoking, day five: dare i say i think things are starting to get better? still bored out of my skull, but the dull ache in my eyes has gone away. fingers crossed.

new order - shellshock


some rumblings recently about a remastered, deluxe version of different class to be released in the fall. anyone know if this is true or just mere speculation? i can't say that i'm a huge fan of remastered releases (sonic youth is one of my all time favorites but i haven't heard a single track off of the recent reissues), but i'd be interested to see if there are any b-sides and/or bonus material

pulp - live bed show

pulp - common people


all the "clear channel sucks!" bullshit aside, i'm pretty excited at the prospect of mccarren pool becoming a concert venue. not only is the space like something out of a fellini film, but it's about 3 blocks from my apartment. selfish, i know.

what i'm not crazy about are the prices - i like bloc party and the secret machines as much as the next guy, but fuckin $50 a ticket? might take my chances and stand outside of a bar across the street instead.

bloc party - two more years (mstrkrft remix)

the secret machines - lightning blue eyes



ribble said...

This comes on the day I commented about how I know nothing about music, but when I went to my obscure school in Wales, Pulp was an especially big deal. Also of special significance were Blur, Cake, British football anthems (Vindaloo) and Fatboy Slim (they always had the radio playing at the sheep farm, and "Praise You" still reminds me of ship giving birth late at night.)

In other news, I have exhausted my supply of jokes about humping. Earth will survive.

glamoraglam said...

to say "clear channel sucks" is not bullshit so why push it aside ? it's true ! and funding a new stage to add to the other 400 venues they recently bought dosn't give them any credibility- it just allows them to continue CONTROLLING the opinions , playlists, and artists that play at their venues and that play on their stations.

Anonymous said...

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