footloose and fancy free

what the fuck was a spruce grouse doing on keap st near the bqe last night?! liz and i were walking to get some food at around 8 when we were greeted with this volleyball-sized mound of feathers. after several unsuccessful camera phone attempts, she (the grouse) ran under a fence into an abandoned parking lot. we tried calling 311, animal control, and the audubon society, but to no avail. i've heard about the whole parrots-at-brooklyn-college thing, but grouse in the 'burg? anyone else seen 'em?

public image limited - no birds

billy bragg and wilco - birds and ships


as anyone who's heard me wax eloquent about the intricacies of the fox lineup can attest, it's about fucking time for me to get cable. so i finally call time warner yesterday to set up an install. i just happen to be listening to jay-z at work, and the time warner guy starts rhyming along to "friend or foe" while he's typing. this leads into us talking about the recent show that we had both been at, his feud with cam, etc. long story short: i got free showtime. thanks jay-z!

jay-z - friend or foe '98

jay-z - where i'm from

cam'ron - i.b.s.

cam'ron - wet wipes


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