pretty vacant

i've been thinking recently about this as-silly-as-it-is-dirty-rap trend taking place out in the west coast. i'm looking at you, mickey avalon and dirt nasty (aka: simon rex). it's stupid. it's not well performed. it's obviously a product of the hype machine. but it's fun and it's catchy.

mickey avalon - so rich so pretty

dirt nasty - droppin names

and really, isn't it just a male version on this:

avenue d - my dirty south

avenue d - sex that i need


i hate it as much as the next guy to be "leaked" snippets of upcoming albums by record labels. but i am somewhat interested to hear what the new killers lp will be like. when all is said and done, they're perfectly nice, shiny, rock. take a look at the soundscan numbers for the first half of the year and tell me you wouldn't mind seeing a band like the killers somewhere in there:

2006 Top Ten Selling Albums (01/02/2006-7/02/2006)

Title / Artist: Units Sold
1. High School Musical / Soundtrack: 2,620,801
2. Me and My Gang / Rascal Flatts: 1,997,356
3. Back to Bedlam / James Blunt: 1,659,040
4. The Breakthrough / Mary J. Blige: 1,503,584
5. Some Hearts / Carrie Underwood: 1,479,513
6. Now 21 / Various : 1,364,849
7. King / T.I.: 1,328,057
8. Taking the Long Way / Dixie Chicks: 1,268,706
9. Amore / Andrea Bocelli: 1,132,496
10. All the Right Reasons / Nickelback: 1,072,868


the killers - when you were young (snippet)

the killers - midnight show


and for kicks!

shitdisco - disco blood



your girl got dicked by ricky powell