i will be your one more time

i hate the siren festival. the last time i was there was two years ago, and while i managed to see great sets by tv on the radio, and you will know us by the trail of the dead, and electric six, i also managed to get heat stroke and throw up all over the place.

a.r.e. weapons - weakest ones

tv on the radio - ambulance

i mean let's get real. it is not fun to stand around coney island in 95 degree heat all day long. add several thousand other hungover people into the equation - and let's not forget that everyone is being plied with free energy drinks all day - and things just descend into a clusterfuck.

i'm sorry, i will not be attending any further siren festivals. one was enough for me.


but even if i would consider going, check out the schedule:

the bands that i really want to see (serena maneesh, the stills, art brut, and scissor sisters) all overlap each other and are on different stages.

the stills - let's roll

art brut - good weekend

scissor sisters - filthy gorgeous (extended mix)

she wants revenge - black liner run


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