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i fucking love ratatat. and i think the reason i love 'em so much is that, in a way, they're kind of like the steel-cut oatmeal of my music collection. every few months or so i'll have no idea what to get for breakfast in a diner, and i'll panic and order oatmeal. when it comes i'm all "oh. shit. i totally forgot how much i love this! i'm gonna eat oatmeal ALL THE FUCKING TIME!"

and even though i should eat oatmeal all the time - it's not only delicious but also good for you! - i never end up having it that often.

in a perfect world, i would be eating oatmeal and listening to ratatat every single day. until then, i'll have to settle for a few monster tracks from the forthcoming classics album:

ratatat - swisha

ratatat - wildcat

ratatat - lex

and some og material:

ratatat - desert eagle

ratatat vs. kanye - get 'em high

dont' sleeep on tickets to the 9/5 show at the bowery ballroom, on sale now.



if you're in the wburg area, make sure to check out the classiest clothing store around, oak, which has just moved to a new location on n. 8th and is right now having a huge sale. i originally stumbled upon this store when it used to be housed - literally - around the corner from me on a quiet stretch of ainslie st. in addition to stocking some of my favorite labels such as opening ceremony, rachel comey, oliver helden, and rag & bone, they have fantastic man, which is think is the smartest magazine about fashion out there right now.


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sooz said...

Thx for the heads-up on Ratatat..i saw them open for someone a year or so ago and they blew my mind! i am definitely hittin up that show...

your girl got dicked by ricky powell