kicking the national habit

stop reading this, and go buy this tshirt right fucking now. seriously, mishka is on fire this season and the new collection is sure to sell out mad fast.


off on a little road trip tomorrow morning, gotta go kick it with my grandfather for his 80th birthday. he's been at the smithsonian for decades so i think the partygoers are going to be an interesting mix of anthropologists and linguists. hmmm.

cibo matto - birthday cake

the smiths - unhappy birthday

manitoba - every time she turns round it's her birthday

only problem is that the party is in d.c., and i've never had good luck finding interesting things to do there. liz has never been, so we'll probably have to kick it at a lot of monuments and what not. but any suggestions of neighborhoods, bars, restaurants, stores, clubs, etc, to check out would be greatly appreciated!

radiohead - the national anthem

the fiery furnaces - mason city

wilco - ashes of american flags



Ryan said...

Go to adams morgan for food and bars (specifically madam's organ). Make sure to hit up u street for ben's chili bowl. Get the half smoke, or if you don't eat meat get some vegetarian chili also check out the U street area while you are there. Any of the museums (especially the art ones; those are pretty fantastic) is a good idea considering they are all free. If you want to do some high end shopping head over to Georgetown. Som Records at 1843 14th Street NW, a new record store (just vinyl i think) store opened up and while i havent been there yet its probably worth going to. Also i would check out what is playing at the 930 club or the black cat (930.com and blackcatdc.com), or possibly DC9 or the warehouse next door. You could also go see the nats play against barry bonds if you are into baseball. And if you really want to see a movie go to the Uptown at 3426 Connecticut Ave. NW. The only movie playing there is superman but youre really going there for the theater itself, not the movie. If you want more advice then email me at ryguysn@yahoo.com

Sean said...

Yeah, I was going to say check out the Blackcat, they even have a nifty little place to grab food(v) inside before the show and a separate bar downstairs, it's really the place to go.

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