i got the longest throwback

while we're all eagerly awaiting the new plastic little album (she's mature, drops sept 1st), liz got me a copy of their original thug paradise 2.1 record as a quitting smoking present. the great thing about a crew being comprised of art school grads is that not only do you get silly ass clever rhymes, but the cd also came with a whole bunch of rad stickers. hell yeah.

plastic little - miller time

plastic little - lovely lady type song


fuck. a crazy thunderstorm just passed through. in like five minutes. i've never been jumpy around storms or what have you, but the billboard outside my bedroom window has been struck by lightning twice in the past week and that shit is crazy.

thom yorke - and it rained all night

the beta band - dry the rain


my current clothing obsession, mishka, is getting ready to drop a new collection in the near near future. don't sleep on this one, shit always sells out right quick. there's also a great interview and preview over at hypebeast.

and how awesome is this sonic youth x michael jordan shirt?

sonic youth - bull in the heather


the rentals are back to show hot chip how you really rock a micro korg! about time, eh? they'll be rolling through nyc and hit irving plaza on august 4th. full tour schedule here.

the rentals - waiting

the rentals - my summer girl


the captain said...

The Rentals?! That's a blast from the past.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow.

I'm friends with P. S I guess you're down with me?

Can you please rehost these I'd love to check em'

spencer dot daniels @ gee mail

Anonymous said...

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your girl got dicked by ricky powell