losing my religion

this is what woke me up at about 10 am this morning. what's not in this picture (from last year) is the giant truck filled with loaves of bread that people were handing out. what the fuck?

ah, festa del giglio! apparently each july the church down the street from me has a big festival, the only one of its kind that takes place outside of southern italy. and tomorrow afternoon 200 dudes are going to go lift a totem-pole-esque statue that is roughly seven stories high. i will definitely be filing a full report of all the goings on tomorrow night.

wu-tang - older gods

the beach boys - god only knows

cam'ron - take 'em to church

moby - god moving over the face of the water


in other williamsburg news, i finally got around to watching the pilot episode of web sitcom the burg. shit's hilarious! not only does it feature neckface in almost every scene, but it's also got live footage of bravo silva performing at asterisk as well as the phrase "i'm not going to fly in the face of buddha". check it out here

bow wow wow - tv savage

miss kittin and the hacker - life on mtv


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