what's the jump off?

ahhhh, back to my old haunt - galapagos. seems like they've stepped things up recently, booking a lot of sick lineups and tonight is no exception. if you haven't seen plastic little yet, get in the motherfuckin game!

plastic little - the jump off

plastic little - driz hollering

and dj ayres? hell yeah.

bjork - hyperballad (dj ayres mix)

dj ayres - broke ass home


you want another party rec? but an early post-work one? sure:

don't really know what to make of this "silk screening" party, but should be interesting. and ain't nothing wrong with catchdubs, caps n jones, and free red stripes. ain't nothing wrong that at all.

rick ross - hustlin (catchdubs mix)

caps and jones mix for discobelle



Joe John said...

Have you heard the DJ Benzi mash-up with Nelly Furtado's "Maneater". It is ridic. I posted it in my big remix post for June.


I always like to tell people that I am hustling EVERY day...not just every other day. I don't even take a break for church on Sundays.

Speedrail said...

that benzi remix is nuts!

your girl got dicked by ricky powell