walking blues

i'm in the market for a new pair of kicks. i like sneakers a lot, but i don't box the shit - i wear it. is anyone else getting a little tired of the neverending stream of dunks? i've been thinking of copping a pair of air max 90s (huf model from the clerks pack above). although i am feeling the nort dunk hi's from the same san francisco clerks pack. what about these:

from the fantastic four pack...or to take it even further:

not sure i could really pull off flashy 95s. although i have been rocking hot pink and neon green patent leather dunks for the past few months...

elvis costello - (the angels wanna wear my) red shoes

camera obscura - footloose and fancy free

belle and sebastian - ease your feet in the sea

beck - one foot in the grave

to be honest, though, if i could have any kicks in the world (besides the dpm terminators featured in my "logo") it would be these futura-designed unkle dunks:

u.n.k.l.e. - the knock

u.n.k.l.e. - lonely soul



Anonymous said...

Get a pair of Stabs. Screw dunks, everyone has em. Stabs are the peak of tennis-shoe greatness. Tinker Hatfield was the Man.

Gavatron said...

Its all about Air Max Ones for me. Although I'm quite liking the Max 90's too.

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