faux obsolete

if you're in the new york area tonight make sure to come see me dj at s.o.b.'s - it's the first in a series of events sponsored by chin magazine and mtv. they wanted me to commit to playing exclusively "brazilian funk," but i think i will also be throwing down some standard party jams for the after work crowd.


teddybears - cobrastyle

tittsworth - eye whips pussy

the show starts around 8, and should be free if you rsvp to: allaprima@unchin.com

hope to see you all there


i know i gots to do it, but i always feel like a jackass trying to get people to come see me dj

i need to cleanse the palette:

dragons of zynth - abithia

that feels better.


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su said...

i always feel like a dick getting ppl to come see me dj too! add me to your mailing list, i'd love to check you out though based on the quality tracks you always post.

party on!

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