picture me, snotty nosed

fun night in the 'burg yesterday - liana and iggy came down from boston to drink some strawberitas. we all grew up together and were throwing around some good stories, mostly involving iggy trying to pick up girls at the bowling alley. one of my favorites, though, was when liana and i were about nine years old and we got stuck in the mud during recess. and i mean fucking stuck almost knee deep. the principal had to come and pull us out.

eagles of death metal - stuck in the metal

iron and wine - muddy hymnal

tv on the radio - dirtywhirl

now we can see the hilarity of the situation, but i remember being scared shitless at the time...



Anonymous said...

is that the bottom of the barrel I hear being scraped?

Baby said...

get better, i love these songs. what about no joy in mudville - dcfc?

And &
and check out musichawk because
musichawk is badass

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how much Iggy love Strawberitas... I'd love to catch up with you clowns...


Anonymous said...

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