gone daddy gone

this picture landed in my inbox late last night. it's my dad. and he flew out to burning man this morning. he wanted to know what i thought of his vest.


so, if you're going to burning man stop by and say hello to him. he'll be in the giant geodesic domes of "the root society". here's a description of his camp from the burning man main page:

The Root of all....all things above and below
Above is hope. Below is fear
Above temptation. Below the belt. The love below...
The root of all evil? Maybe!
But you want it. Your mind wanders...the mystery draws you in.
Your mind imagines...dreams of its power.
The contrast of the extremes. We hope for new experiences.
We fear the below we can not see.
The way people and energy move through space.
Keeping score of the activity...away from the natural balance
The Root Society!

in honor of my dad being stoned in the desert for five days, here are some songs that he turned me onto that continue to make regular appearances in my itunes:

bow wow wow - radio g string

frank zappa - plastic people

the modern lovers - pablo picasso

tenor saw - ring the alarm

big audio dynamite - rewind

brian eno - golden hours



Merlin said...

I just love your music blogs! Keep up the great work.

daveyboy said...

Tell your dad to drop by my place and choose from over 15,ooo tunes on my hard-drive. I'd love to hear what he'd pick. You, you young punk, call me in 20 years. Only then can you come over with your dad. If he isn't dead of an overdose.

your girl got dicked by ricky powell