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The Knife - Pass This On

the knife - pass this on (dahlback and dahlback remix)

i first wrote about the knife's silent shout on january 29th, almost seven months ago to the day. i just can't help myself. but really, i was first hooked on the brother-sister duo when deep cuts dropped in 2004. due to all the (well-deserved) hype surrounding silent shout, the knife have rereleased deep cuts with an accompanying dvd that includes six videos and a documentary. often intentionally lo-fi, the knife's videos are genius. whereas most music videos attempt to recreate the cinematic feel of film [cough] the killers [cough], these promos embrace both the possibilities and limitations of video as a standalone medium. head over to juno to pick this shit up.

The Knife - You Take My Breath Away

and how could i do another post about the knife without some silent shout goodness:

the knife - silent shout (shinedoe remix)

the knife - we share our mother's health (ratatat remix)

the knife - one hit



Ekko said...

like ur blog--i've blogrolled you. if you feel like doing the same, i'd appreciate it.

Tina* said...

wow - thanks for this. So amazing that I had to repost "Pass This On" to share. Cannot WAIT for November 1st!

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