iced out trojan

last night i met up with josh to check out a new monday night party, and, um, it wasn't that good. so we ended up walking around trying to find a place to duck in for a drink. walked by beauty bar, and as i glanced in the window i was greeted with the sight of two enormous fake boobs. after heading inside (how could we not?) apparently adult film star gina lynn was doing some kind of promo giveaway. the sight of a blond pornstar throwing posters to a crowd of dirty hipsters/nyu kids was pretty amazing. are free skin mags the new sparks?

porno for pyros - tahitian moon

the flaming lips - talkin' bout the smiling deathporn immortality blues

sonic youth - self obsessed and sexxee

the dead milkmen - sri lanka sex hotel

x - sex and dying in high society

tricky - sex drive


entries for the chocolate swim giveaway are due by the end of the day tomorrow, send me an email at disconotdisco@gmail.com with your mailing info for a chance to cop the prize pack:

- Adult Swim shoulder bag made by Yak Pak
- DVD's
- 12 Oz. mouse watch
- Adult Swim frisbee
- Adult Swim notebook
- Adult Swim socks



Anonymous said...

tahitian moon was one of the all time awesomest songs of my youth.

-j to the saltman

Anonymous said...

bless for the p4p track... zooms you back a decade, eh? ah them teenage zits.

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