no one ever looks up in the city

apparently it's my weekend of missing great parties. last night i decided to take a night off, stay in, and read the new york review of books instead of checking out the mishka x dirty down party at lit. if the calls i got from ashley at 12:30 am, 1:40 am, and 3:12 am are any indication, i missed out on a stupid fun night. and this afternoon i'm going to miss one of the best ps1 lineups for the summer - a touch of class djs. the atoc crew has been ahead of the curve for the past few years, notably being the first to take a chance on a group of go-go dancing misfits known as the scissor sisters.

scissor sisters - electrobix (hungry wives mix)

while their profile has come down a little bit since the heady days of electroclash, they've continued to pump out great releases from waldorf, the ones, a.r.e. weapons, etc, over the past few years.

waldorf - fashionist (disco metal mix)

sideview feat. jeremy scott - wanna be (touched by class mix)

here's a track from the ones, who will be dropping a full length in october. the single for "picture perfect" is available here and includes this mix as well as a hushhush mix from the rapture dudes.

the ones - picture perfect (atoc dubmaster mix)

the rapture - get myself into it


tonight though? looking up - destrosound throws down in the heart of midtown at blaggards. show's at 10, don't sleep on it.


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