rollin' and scratchin'

been having fun kicking around brooklyn the past couple of nights, but think i might venture into manhattan for a party tonight. fashion week brings a lot of silliness to the city, and the colette-sponsored event tonight looks like it should be a fun time. apparently there will be a dance instructor on hand to teach people how to do the moves from daft punk's "around the world" video. combine that with aaron lacrate, pedro winter, justine d, and oxy cottontail and it has all the makings of a legendary night.

see you there.

daft punk - around the world

daft punk - aerodynamic

daft punk - superheroes

daft punk - the brainwasher (erol alkan remix)


and here's the video:


pony said...

That party at the culture club looked really fun. What a shame you didn't post that early enough for me to see it! So you have been hanging around BK? Me too? Were you at Savalas for Mad Suspect on Saturday? Or Boogaloo for after hours? Maybe we saw eachother there.

k said...

ever heard the Slum Village remix of aerodynamic?? its awesome I think you would love it. email i can send it your way if you want.

CK said...

I have all the tunes, but nice one for the vid as i actually hadn't seen it before.

Speedrail said...

i was at mad suspect on saturday - pretty exhausted from a day of taking a friend on a walking tour of brooklyn, so i barely had the energy to suck back a frozen margarita. good times though.

the captain said...

Thanks for the link dude! and glad you could come through on Saturday, we had a blast!

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